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Bed bugs are a type of parasitic insect. Their name comes from the fact that they are most often found in bedrooms and beds, as they like to live in bedding and around mattresses. You may also see bed bugs around picture frames, upholstered furniture, and even in electrical sockets. These bugs are particularly difficult to get rid of as they can live without a food source for an extended period. If you notice bed bugs in your home, or if you are suffering from bed bug bites, you should contact the Sacramento bed bug exterminators at North American Pest Management as soon as possible.

We are a family-owned, locally operated pest control business. After 40 years, we are still passionate about providing customers with expert-level services on which they can rely. At North American Pest Management, our goal is to exceed your expectations. When you call us for bed bug extermination services, you can be sure you are getting the best.

Waking up with bed bug bites? Let us help you. Contact North American Pest Management at (916) 884-6620 for safe, effective bed bug control services in Sacramento, CA.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, and usually are a red or brown color. They do not commonly carry diseases, but their bites can cause allergic reactions and irritation, similar to a mosquito bite. Some people are more allergic to bed bug bites than others, and if you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, it can be quite uncomfortable. Bed bugs are found all over the world, and once they are established somewhere, they are challenging to get rid of.

Bed Bugs Spread Most Often Through:

  • Traveling or staying in places with bed bugs, such as hotels and hostels
  • Luggage that’s been checked on a plane
  • Second-hand upholstered furniture and mattresses
  • Public transit
  • Neighboring buildings or apartments

To avoid bringing bed bugs into your home, you should be careful while traveling. Check the bed, box springs, headboards, and around picture frames before unpacking, and if you see signs of bed bugs, it’s best not to stay there. When packing and once you’ve returned home, it’s a good idea to inspect your luggage and clothing again, just to be safe.

Additionally, you should avoid picking furniture off the street and buying second-hand upholstered items from sources you do not trust. If you live in an apartment building and have heard that a neighbor has bed bugs, you should do a thorough check of your own home as they are known to move between apartments.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Many people erroneously assume that bed bugs are attracted to dirt and garbage, much like the assumption about cockroaches. However, this is not the case. You can have the most pristine home on the block and still get bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on blood, like mosquitoes, and are instead attracted to people. Do not be embarrassed about bed bugs. Instead, call a Sacramento bed bug exterminator, like North American Pest Management.

If You Notice Any of the Following Things, You May Have Bed Bugs:

  • You see small, tick-like bugs on your bed or in your home
  • You are suffering from small, irritating bites at night
  • There are small black stains on your mattress, or you see bed bug droppings
  • You notice a strange sweet aroma

We Are Passionate About Pest Control

The Sacramento bed bug control specialists that we work with have extensive experience handling all types of bed bug infestations. North American Pest Management has a proven process for the successful eradication of bed bugs that is both safe for your family and effective. If we don’t get the problem fixed the first time, we will come back and make it right at no charge to you. We are just as intolerant of pests in our home, as you are in yours.

North American Pest Management is also able to provide commercial clients with superior bed bug control and extermination services throughout the area. Whether you run a quaint bed and breakfast or a large hotel, we have you covered.

Call North American Pest Management at (916) 884-6620. We specialize in bed bug extermination throughout Sacramento.

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